Wyvern Crafts are German manufacturers of LARP gear. Our experience so far is high quality both in appearance, handling and durability. The realistic appearance from a few years ago has been set aside in favour of making the weapons more LARP friendly - and that has definitely been achieved. Check out our review of their type 1 short sword and how that compares to the older model.

Wyvern is housed in a 400m2 building from 1927 in Cologne. Here you'll find their crew of 9 people; 6 women and 3 men. The business was founded in 2007 by Sandra Wolter, and is the organiser of one of the worlds largest live roleplay events: Drachenfest (dragon fest) with 6,000 participants. They're also the organiser of Zeit der Legenden (time of legends) which is held at Walbeck castle.

Their production workshop has 5 coworkers that mould, cast, assemble and paint the weaponry. Their leather gear is made by the local saddlemaker and is of equaly high quality.

Wyvern has a repair-policy that's worth mentioning. Should your sword blade be damaged, you can have it replaced. If e.g. the tip of your spear break off, you could possibly have the shaft repurposed as a daneaxe.

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