Battle Standard is a brand series from Mytholon. This particular series is produced in Pakistan, where other, but not all of Mytholon's own productes are manufactured.

The Battle Standard series was developed to replace the old Hammerkunst weapons, which were cheap, but over the last years of that production up to 2017, experienced significant quality problems. Battle Standard has to date varied a lot i quality from batch to batch. Some times the foam is light and soft, other times heavy and fragile. E.g.: we had 4 Battle Standard Heinrich swords which lasted a total of 4 hours before all showing a mix of the following symptoms: Loose guard, loose pommel, loose segment of blade, broken tip and tip-guard at the glass-fiber core's end.

Mytholon has stated that there was a production problem with that batch, and that this does not represent the series as a whole. A couple of swords from an older batch will be tested and reviewed soon.